Personalized Shower Favors

A Special Thank You Favor
Your Guests Can Truly Enjoy at Home!

Popcorn Favors are a Huge Hit at Baby Showers
and they are just as wonderful for any special occasion
and children's birthday parties too!

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Popcorn Favors

Microwave Popcorn Favors

All Popcorn Favors are Personally Designed to
Match Your Theme/Occasion and Colors

Large 3 oz. Sized Microwavable Popcorn is Included
*Popcorn Favors Can Not Be Purchased as Wrappers Only*
These are hand wrapped and no stickers are involved

These Make a Perfect Yummy Treat
for Anyone and for Any Occasion!
Great for individual children's birthday favors
or to personalize your Birthday or Teacher Gift

Personalized Popcorn Favors
$1.75 Each

Popcorn Favors
Many Designs Available!